A girl goes to jail for calling help: What happened to her is funny

A girl goes to jail for calling help: What happened to her is funny

In a strange incident, a young American woman did not expect to be arrested after a phone call to 911, as the 30-year-old asked for emergency help after a problem between her and her family.
Celony Geter called from Ohio collapsed and can’t stop crying after her family deliberately cut off their mobile phone service and asked them to intervene to restore service, and American newspapers considered this incident one of the strangest incidents ever.

However, the emergency service official tried to persuade her that the service is intended to help people in critical situations and crises, but she was not convinced of that, and she has been trying to call the emergency again and again.
Although the emergency service official tried to reach an understanding with the girl, she exploded, angry at him, and confirmed that she would immediately raise a case against them in the event that they did not intervene to help her and solve the problem.

Indeed, the police were called, but instead of helping the girl they arrested her due to the disruption of the police service, which is a fourth degree felony and for her release she paid a bail of $ 2,500.
So far, Celony has not appointed a lawyer to defend her, despite the fact that the charges against her may lead her to prison or pay a large fine, and her family did not explain the reason behind their behavior and cut off phone service in spite of the developments of this incident .

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