A simple sign that may reveal new Coronavirus infection: Beware of it

Increasing numbers of coronavirus infection causes everyone in the world anxiety, which forced a number of countries to apply quarantine rules to reduce the spread of the disease.

Corona virus has its symptoms

But there are some very important symptoms that many overlook and which are among the first indicators that some overlook them. Fatigue is the first symptom of the disease.

While recovery rates indicate that early detection of infection with the virus greatly helps to recover without the need for any special medical procedures.

Touching the face and corona infection

Touching the face a lot is the biggest challenge in the transmission of the Corona virus, as some scientific results have shown that an adult person touches his face at a rate of 23 times per hour, which greatly helps in transmitting the infection.

New Corona Virus

While the World Health Organization announced that the cure rates for the Corona virus reached 70% with expectations for a higher percentage with the end of the winter season, after the number of infections exceeded 80 thousand cases in China alone, and a number of European countries decided to take more precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the disease .
As for the total number of injuries, it reached 114 thousand cases of infection in various countries of the world, mostly in China, Italy, South Korea and Iran, while the recovery period is between 6 weeks and several months.
The number of recovery cases reached more than 64 thousand cases of recovery in various countries of the world, while the number of deaths reached nearly 4000 deaths.

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