“The most dangerous in the world” … a security vulnerability that strikes billions of computers and devices around the world

Press reports revealed that a security vulnerability described as “the most dangerous in the world” until now, is hitting billions of personal computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones around the world.

The “Times News Now” website published a report on the vulnerability, which was discovered by researchers at the Belgian University of Q – Lovin, which was found in the processors of the American company “Intel”, which supply the largest number of electronic devices in the world.

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This vulnerability allows attackers and intruders to access sensitive information about their victims such as “fingerprints” or passwords, making all of their personal and banking information available.Intel had launched security patches over the past period to cover a number of vulnerabilities in its disclosed treatments, but that vulnerability was described by researchers as the most dangerous at all.

“All of the measures Intel has taken, so far, to enhance the security of its processors were necessary, but it was not enough to stave off our new attack,” said Jo Van Polk, from the computer science department at the Belgian University.

The Belgian researcher explained that this new vulnerability could be called a “bunker”, because it directly targets computer systems and completely controls them.

This vulnerability leaks all sensitive information about users, such as passwords, medical information, or other sensitive information.

The vulnerability technology “injects” malicious software into the systems of electronic devices that run these processors, allowing it to fully control the drivers for those devices.

The Belgian University called for the necessity of introducing “Intel” new, more powerful updates to limit the appearance of this software and preventing its access to user programs, and also called for users to install new updates to ensure the privacy of their sensitive information.

The most dangerous, according to the study, is that this software slows affected electronic devices by approximately 2 to 19 times.

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